Blood glucose measurement

By self-analysis of the blood, it is possible to detect an alteration in the levels of glucose in the blood and prevent various diseases.

Do you suspect you have diabetes or do you just want to check your blood sugar levels?

At our pharmacy you can measure your blood sugar, which is essential to keep blood sugar under control. It also allows you to detect any changes in blood glucose levels such as hyperglycemia, associated with diabetes, and hypoglycemia which may be a symptom of liver, kidney or thyroid problems 1 and 2.


How to prepare for blood glucose measurement:

The only rules to follow before detecting blood sugar are:

  • fasting on the morning you want to measure your blood sugar;
  • do not smoke;
  • do not exercise close to the checkpoint;
  • do not drink alcohol, just drink natural water.

Free service only on Tuesday morning

Call the pharmacy for more information on how to execute and the costs of the other days of the week.

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