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Introduction The World Sports Game, also known as the World Games, is a multi-sport event that takes place every four years, in the year following the Summer Olympics. The event is organized by the International World Games Association, and it brings together athletes from different countries to compete in disciplines that are not part of the Olympic program. The World Games provide a platform for sports that may not have the same recognition or resources as the mainstream sports, but that are still popular and have a dedicated following around the world.

History and Evolution of the World Games The World Games were first held in 1981, and they have since been held in various countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and Colombia. The first edition of the World Games featured 15 sports, including tug of war, roller skating, and korfball. Over the years, the number of sports and athletes participating in the World Games has grown, with the most recent edition in 2017 featuring 31 sports and over 3,000 athletes from 111 countries.

Sports and Disciplines The sports and disciplines that are included in the World Games vary from edition to edition, but they generally fall into five categories: artistic and dance sports, ball sports, martial arts, precision sports, and strength sports. Some of the most popular sports at the World Games include beach handball, climbing, dance sport, kickboxing, roller skating, and ultimate frisbee. Impact of the World Games The World Games have had a significant impact on the world of international sports, both in terms of promoting lesser-known sports and creating opportunities for athletes to compete at a high level.

The event has also had a unifying effect on the participating countries and athletes, bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds to celebrate their shared love of sport. One of the key ways in which the World Games have impacted sports is by helping to increase the visibility and recognition of sports that may not have the same resources or Malta News Time organizational structure as mainstream sports.